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the only math i can do is your love + my love = supa luv

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ok so lemme do a short thing about virginity/ tightness of vagina. Your vagina gets looser as you become more sexually aroused during intercourse. This is why when you normally put a finger in your vagina, its a lot tighter than when you put it in when you’re aroused. The myth that the vagina is tighter when you’re a virgin is caused by 2 things

1) cis men love the idea of “ruining” a woman’s body  (as shown by porn) and they get some sort of sick pleasure from thinking that after having sex with a woman, she will never be the same again.

2) women are more anxious during their first time, which results in them being less sexually aroused and their vagina being more contracted.

if your have kids young enough, your vagina will literally return to it’s previous tightness. That’s how elastic it is. There is no way your vagina becomes “looser after having sex with lots of men”. that’s just slut shame-y bullshit. 

Men who brag about shit like “her pussy was tight as hell for me. I ruined that pussy” are just bragging about the fact that they couldnt sexually arouse her enough for her to loosen enough. Which means they are awful at sex. They are bragging about being fucking awful at sex.

The only time your vagina becomes looser is with age and after multiple births. 

Anyone who tell you differently is dumb. 

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